noris cloud – seamless integration under one roof!

The noris cloud is the secure cloud alternative from Germany. Powerful, flexible and with extensive features. Start your seamless cloud transition from scratch or from your legacy systems without loss of security with a certified German full service provider – noris network.

All systems, availability zones and locations are located in our high-security data centers in Germany. The operation is carried out without exception by certified personnel.


OpenStack Cinder

Block Storage Service (BSS)

  • Based on Ceph
  • Provision your volumes
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OpenStack Glance

Images as a Service

  • Managed your OS images
  • Supports all common OS
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Object Storage

Object Storage Service (OSS)

  • Store objects
  • S3 compatible API
  • Based on Ceph
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OpenStack Nova

Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

  • Controls KVM virtualization
  • Enables provisioning of VMs
  • Manages the lifecycle of ECS resources
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OpenStack Neutron

Software Defined Network (SDN)

  • Manages the Networking Infrastructure
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OpenStack Octavia

Loadbalancing as a Service

  • HA load balancing
  • LBaaS API v2
  • Distributes over two availability zones
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noris cloud connect

Secure and reliable access to the noris cloud

  • Dedicated connection
  • Constant bandwidths and low latency
  • Flexible and secure data transmission
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OpenStack Horizon

Management GUI

  • Management of all services
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OpenStack Ceilometer

Telemetry as a Service

  • Collecting all relevant data
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OpenStack Aodh

Alerts as a Service

  • Configurable alarms and events
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OpenStack Keystone

Identity as a Service

  • Manages the Authorization
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OpenStack Heat

Orchestration as a Service

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Orchestrates the entire infrastructure
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Each region of the noris cloud represents an independent instance of the cloud platform with all its services. The region itself is divided into two or more availability zones. Each Availability Zone is realized in at least one separate fire compartment and offers independent elastic compute and block storage services. The underlying network services such as LBaaS and the entire SDN are available across the entire region. The noris cloud thus offers the possibility of implementing highly available applications with maximum reliability. The Object Storage Service is available once per region and is redundantly distributed across several data centers to guarantee high availability and data security.



  • Optimum support for your cloud transition – Enabled by connecting legacy systems to the cloud platform in our hybrid data centers.
  • Consulting and implementation from a single source – We do not leave you alone and develop your cloud strategy together with you.
  • No commitment to one vendor – interoperability due to the use of open source standards. Thus a clear exit strategy and avoidance of vendor lock-in.
  • Flexible pay-as-you-grow billing model based on cloud points.
  • Reduction of follow-up costs for licensed systems due to the use of open source technologies.
  • Highest data security – All systems, availability zones and locations are located in our own certified high-security data centers in Germany.


  • Orchestration of cloud resources via API or GUI
  • auto-scaling
  • Elastic load balancers
  • Optional DDoS protection
  • Fail-safe, highly redundant technologies
  • Storages for different applications in several performance classes
  • Use of energy-efficient technologies – Green IT by Cloud on Top
  • Locations in our own certified German high-security data centers


You want to use the latest cloud technologies based on OpenStack or VMware? You want to orchestrate your setups via OpenShift or Kubernetes and use Docker containers? You want to bill your services flexibly and only pay for what you actually use? Then use the cloud services from noris! From the integration of your legacy systems to cloud interconnect with AWS or Azure, you are completely flexible in your options. Our cloud experts will support you during the transition and realize your digital transformation.



All configured resources are billed hourly from your cloud point contingent. All points that exceed your contingent will be charged linearly. This gives you a pay-as-you-grow model with maximum flexibility.

The entire platform is based on open source solutions and complies with the OpenStack Foundation standards. This avoids vendor lock-in, minimizes the barriers to your exit strategy and avoids high follow-up costs for software.


noris cloud on top of the datacenter

The entire platform is based on the patent-pending Cloud on Top technology in highly redundant and fail-safe clusters in the hot air area of our data centers. This will further increase energy efficiency – our contribution to Green IT.

As a customer, you benefit in two ways: on the one hand through the simple and cost-effective connection of your legacy systems to the cloud without expensive connection (e.g. via WDM), and on the other through the low prices due to the cost-effective operation of the platform.


  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Location Germany
  • Award-winning
  • Extensive certifications
  • High-performance connection via the company’s own backbone