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OpenStack Nova


With OpenStack Nova (Compute Service) from noris network you can manage groups of virtual machines and these virtualised systems can be distributed over any number of compute nodes (hypervisors).

As the most complex and widely used component within the OpenStack architecture, OpenStack Nova works closely with other OpenStack services such as Keystone (authentication), Horizon (web interface) and Glance (provision of images) to provide a simple self-service API for compute resources.

Our Highlights

Distribute your compute resources over several availability zones, which are distributed over various fire zones in noris network AG high-security data centers

Automatic scaling of resources according to your rules

Easy diagnosis and correction of errors

A community-driven API


The Elastic Compute Service (ECS) can provide virtual computing servers. They consist of a processor (vCPU), RAM, OS image (operating system, public or private images) and block storage resources (block storage service).

The noris cloud use KVM as hypervisor, which is controlled via libvirt. The administration is done via a REST API (

You can choose between different pre-assembled Elastic Compute Service types (flavors). When you select the flavor and image for the operating system, the noris cloud automatically makes the selected resources available in the form of a virtual server. The flavors are divided into different application classes depending on the ratio between cores and memory:

Core:Memory Application class Description
1:1 UC1 Ultra Compute
1:2 C1 Compute
1:4 GP1 General Purpose
1:8 M1 Memory

The following flavors are available:

Flavor* Cores [vCPU] Memory [GB]
ECS.UC1.1-1 1 1
ECS.UC1.2-2 2 2
ECS.UC1.4-4 4 4
ECS.UC1.8-8 8 8
ECS.UC1.16-16 16 16
ECS.C1.1-0,5 1 0,5
ECS.C1.1-2 1 2
ECS.C1.2-4 2 4
ECS.C1.4-8 4 8
ECS.C1.8-16 8 16
ECS.C1.16-32 16 32
ECS.GP1.1-4 1 4
ECS.GP1.2-8 2 8
ECS.GP1.4-16 4 16
ECS.GP1.8-32 8 32
ECS.GP1.16-64 16 64
ECS.M1.1-8 1 8
ECS.M1.2-16 2 16
ECS.M1.4-32 4 32
ECS.M1.8-64 8 64
ECS.M1.16-128 16 128

* All flavors can be linked to a system partition based on the Block Storage Service (BSS). The necessary size of the system partition depends on the operating system image.

In cooperation with Octavia load balancers it is possible to create auto-scaling groups that automatically scale Nova resources in or out based on Ceilometer data.