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OpenStack Horizon


Horizon is the implementation of the OpenStack Dashboard. The component provides a web-based user interface for OpenStack services such as Nova, Object Storage, Keystone, etc. Horizon thus offers you a central point of contact for fast information about your booked services in the noris cloud.


As a central integration point, Horizon places several key functions at the centre of its design and architecture:

  • Core Support: Out-of-the-Box support for all core OpenStack projects.
  • Stable: A reliable, scalable API with a focus on backward compatibility.
  • Usable: Provision of a REST interface, which is easily programmable.
  • Expandable: All future components will be integrated here.

Consistent: Visual and interaction paradigms are maintained throughout.

Our Highlights

You can restore backups using snapshots

Visual and interaction paradigms are kept constant

We offer you an availability of 99.9% p.a.

With our German location we offer you security through strict, German security guidelines


Horizon is based on a Django module called Django-Openstack. Both the Django Openstack module and a reference implementation belong to this project and are implemented uncompromisingly in the noris cloud. Starting with the Diablo version, Horizon is an OpenStack Core project and thus a fully supported OpenStack offering.