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OpenStack Octavia


Octavia is a highly available and scalable open source load balancing solution designed to work with OpenStack. Octavia handles load balancing as needed by managing a fleet of virtual machines – also called amphorae. Horizontal scaling according to requirements distinguishes Octavia from other load balancing solutions, making Octavia ideal for your workload.

Our Highlights

Optimized load balancing of your workload

Highly scalable horizontally

We offer you an availability of 99.9% p.a.

We offer you an availability of 99.9% p.a. With our German location we offer you security through strict, German security guidelines


The Elastic Load Balancer service Octavia is an OpenStack service that automatically distributes traffic to multiple ECS instances and enables integration into autoscaling. In combination with ceilometer data and Aodh alarms, auto-scaling can be configured and automatically triggered by the load on existing machines, for example, new compute resources can be provisioned and added to the load-balancing group. Examples of Octavia configurations can be found at ( )

Octavia itself consists of the following main components:

  • Amphorae: Are the individual virtual machines running the load balancing service
  • Controller: The “brain” of Octavia, which consists of four subcomponents:
    • API Controller: Executes the API from Octavia
    • Controller Worker: Takes selected API commands from the API controller and performs the necessary actions to fulfill the request
    • Health Manager: Monitors individual amphorae to ensure they are in operation and handles failover events when amphorae fail unexpectedly
    • Housekeeping Manager: Cleans deleted records, manages the replacement pool and the Amphora certificate rotation
    • Network: Amphorae are connected via a network interface on the “Load-Balancer-Network