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Object Storage


The noris cloud offers cloud storage software so that you can store and retrieve a lot of data with a simple API. It is scalable and optimized for longevity, availability and simultaneous access over the entire data set. The Storage Service (OSS) object is best suited for backing up and archiving unstructured data. This includes, for example, documents, images, audio and video files, as well as e-mails and images of virtual machines.

OSS is highly scalable and can manage large amounts of unstructured data at low cost.

Our Highlights

The Object Storage Service is designed for a very long service life

Due to its configuration, the system can handle large amounts of data in the petabyte range

We offer you an availability of 99.9% p.a.

With our German location we offer you security through strict, German security guidelines

Object Storage Service is ideally suited for performing backups and archiving

Ceph is highly scalable and therefore the best basis for growth


Object storage in the noris cloud is based on a Ceph storage cluster distributed over several data centers/fire sections. Ceph is a widely used and popular object storage system that enjoys great popularity in the OpenStack community. Ceph is designed to store files, videos, analysis data, web content, backups, images, virtual machine snapshots and other unstructured data on a large scale with high availability.

The system can be scaled horizontally and accessed via a “REST HTTP API”. This API is compatible with S3 and is available to all noris cloud users.