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OpenStack Glance


With OpenStack Glance (Image Service), noris cloud offers a service that provides virtual machine images to OpenStack users. These images can be instantiated by Nova to executable virtual machines. By using Ceph as the storage backend, the noris cloud enables Copy-On-Write instantiation, which speeds up the provisioning of Nova instances. In addition to the images, Glance can store metadata, such as the operating system or kernel version used. Access to these metadata and images takes place via a REST API.

Our highlights

Easy diagnosis and correction of errors

A community-driven API


The OpenStack Image Service Glance from noris network provides pre-configured images and operating systems for use with the elastic compute service Nova. The service offers the possibility to upload and use customer images. Each instance must be assigned an image by the customer.

Glance includes the following main components:

  • Glance API: Accepts Image API calls for image discovery, retrieval and storage
  • Glance Registry: Stores, processes and retrieves metadata for images
  • Glance Database: Saves image metadata

The following public images are provided in the version supported by noris network, whereby noris makes every effort to provide a current version. The images provided by noris are regularly built automatically and thus always offer the latest status of the corresponding distribution. Our contribution to your safety.

Public images:

  1.  Community Linux derivatives based on:
    • openSUSE
    • Debian
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu
  2.  Commercial Linux distributions
    • SUSE Enterprise Linux
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux
  3. Microsoft Windows Server

Private images:
Customers can upload their own “private images” for selection in the management service or create them on the basis of an elastic cloud server.